Monday, December 17, 2012

Blogger Day of Silence

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Disney World Fantasy Land

Absolutely can not wait to see the new Fanatasyland in Disney World.
Article courtesy of The DIS Unplugged Disney Blog
Posted on Saturday, 8th December 2012 by Kathy Werling
I am thrilled to report that most of the walls have come down for the new Fantasyland atMagic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  I first reported on the construction walls going upback in 2010.  I am not a patient person so this seemed like an eternity to me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving at Disney World

I have never been fortunate enough to go to Disney World during the Christmas holidays.  But, my niece was there over Thanksgiving and she said it was wonderful!!!  All the decorations were out.  The weather was great!!!   And her pic of the castle was to die for!!!!   Thanks to Sydney for keeping me in the Disney loop!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Restaurant Fantasyland

I have been so jealous about not being at Disney World recently that it has been hard to even blog!   For one, the Christmas lights and decorations are out in full force and from what I hear they are as enchanting as ever!    Another reason is that the new restaurant that everyone has been waiting for  Be Our Guest in Fantasyland (my fav land duh)  opens at 7am November 19th.   I cannot wait to hear the reviews!!   When we were at the Magic Kingdom in October you could just catch little glimpses of somethings over the tops of the construction walls.   I think the best parts of this restaurant are the seating capabilities (over 500) and it will be counter service for lunch and sit down reservations only for dinner.  Perfect!!   A choice is always welcome when it comes to dining in the World. 

So, I will be waiting impatiently for the "real" reviews and pics.  And if anyone gets there before I do please be my guest (hahaha get it?) and shoot some reviews my way!!! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Military, Policemen, Firemen, etc.

My sweet baby  Cory who is actually 24yrs old and a Navy sailor txt'd me and said he might get to come home in February!!!   Big news for us!  We have not seen him in 1 1/2 years.  :(    His first words were "Do you want to go to Disney in February??"   I love him!   Hell to the yeah!   So, it got me thinking about military families and Disney.   I know all kinds of police, firefighters and other public servants get discounts to the "World".   We have met tons of people from up north like New Jersey, Connecticut, New York etc. who were affiliated in some way with either the military service or police, fire, etc. and they are all just wonderful.  

So, I thought I would pull up info for Cory's upcoming visit as well as any other families who might be curious.

I am having a hard time finding discounts for police and firemen. There were many discounts after 9/11 but it seems they have dried up. (which is a darn shame)  Checking with your local departments might offer insights not found on the Internet.   There is a discount for National Sheriffs Association that I did come across. 

As for military there is a window of time called Armed Forces Salute that runs from Oct 1,2012 to September 28,2013.    There are deep discounts on rooms as well as tickets during this time for Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land in California.   The best site  I found for this info was Military Discount Tips.  Plus, the Disney site itself usually has military discounts posted.   Shades of Green is the only military resort on Disney World property.  Rates go by rank and pay.  I have also heard it books up quickly.   

I will defenitely do some more digging on the subject and if anyone has more details just let me know!  


Friday, November 2, 2012

Lost & Found

When we got back from Disney a few weeks ago my youngest son realized he didn't have his wallet.  So on day 3 of being back I had every intention of calling the Disney World lost and found.   But, to my surprise there was a card in the mail that day informing us that there had been some items found in our room during our stay. When I called the number on the card I was asked to identify the lost item.  Within a few days the wallet was returned and the cash inside was sent via check (USPS has guidelines about sending cash in mail).  There was even a broken pair of sunglasses that my other son had left.  

So, kudos to Disney yet again.  For having such an honest housekeeping staff and being prompt and organized with so many guests.  :)  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I want to go back

Aggghhh,   After coming home from vacay and getting through the last two weeks of school and chaos I want to go back.   You know,  like a do-over.    Since I've been home from Orlando I have thought of a million things that I didn't get to do or forgot.   

Must Do List for Disney World

Eat a giant Turkey Leg (or buy a t-shirt saying you did)
Wave at the monorail driver
Try more than one new food at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival
(See last post why I didn't, my boys were trying to kill me and wine was more enticing that night)  :)
Wear my tiara  more(yes, I have one)
Blow a kiss to Captain Jack Sparrow
Dance at more than one parade. 
Go more than once on Rock n Roller Coaster
Take another bad picture at Epcot of me "holding the world"  (Mine are always off)
Watch the fireworks from the monorail
See Tinkerbell come flying down from the Castle

These are just some of the things I have done in the past and didn't get to this time.    See, you can go every year and still not do everything or see everything.   So, if you have certain things you want to see or do there this year my suggestion is to make a list!!  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Port Orleans Riverside/Pop Century Review

This fall I was excited to stay at Disney's Port Orleans Resort.    While we have stayed at many of Disney's wonderful resorts in the past, the last few years we have stayed at one of the "value" resorts.  (read: crappy economy, increased ticket prices, and larger, hungrier kids!)  So this year I was glad to upgrade finally back to at least a "moderate" resort.  Online check-in made it a breeze.  (would recommend doing this prior to leaving!)Within 5 minutes of entering the registration area we had our package with info, room keys etc. in hand. 

We stayed in the Alligator Bayou area overlooking one of the smaller pools.  If it wasn't for the palm trees I could have believed I was in Louisiana.   The resort as a whole is large and sprawling.  Very relaxing with all the meandering paths, thick foliage and winding river. My guys didn't think I was very funny when I kept trying to catch tiny lizards (they were so cute)!   Alligator Bayou has only 2 levels to it's buildings and the rooms have been updated with Queen beds (super comfy) and trundle beds that come out from the wall. (sort of like a sideways Murphy bed) So for our family of 4 it was perfect since there was always someone who didn't want to sleep with Mom, Dad or a brother.  The room is comfortable and equipped with a mini frig and coffee maker (yay!!)   Also, Disney has finally gotten on board with free wi-fi.   These 3 things have been sorely missed by our family in past years. 

In the afternoons and evenings there was entertainment around the main pool area as well as an outdoor movie and bonfire.  There was also a fishing hole and marina where your could rent poles and catch fish or rent a boat and go out for a spin in the water.  And even though the parks seemed full we rarely heard anyone around our room (it was seriously that quiet).

I actually found it hard to get up and go go go to the parks at this resort. It was just so relaxing and tranquil!  I just wanted to lounge by the pool and read. :)  But, after 4 days here my boys were ready to pack it up and head to Pop Century for a little more excitement  (both resorts offer the same entertainment but Pop is more condensed and a lot of people rushing around heading to and from parks)

I love Pop Century with all the nostalgic posters of the 70's, 80's & 90's.  Upbeat music is always playing inside and out.  The rooms are smaller and the beds are downsized to 2 doubles. (Hubs and me wrestled with bedding and space every night!)  Unfortunately, they don't offer the coffee maker.  Not sure if they think that guests saving a buck don't drink coffee??   I paid my guys $5 to go get me coffee at the food court every morning.  I'm not pretty without it.    But, there was a mini frig and spotty wi-fi coverage.    In fact the Hubs caught me outside on curb with my laptop trying to get a good signal........  lol  Hey! I can't live without Internet for a whole week!  While Riverside has different bus stops throughout the resort as well as boat service Pop has all the park stops in the front of the main bldg.   

Both resorts food courts are great with a decent variety.  Port Orleans has a little more in the themed selection such as Muffalattas.  (fair)  and a sit down restaurant Boatwrights (yum)  while Pop Century sticks to more  basics such as burgers, chicken as well as pasta and nachos. 

If your debating on either of these two resorts I love both. For quiet, peace and a little tranquility go for Riverside,  If you don't mind sleeping on a double with no coffee and like to dance in the food court Pop is your better bet!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just when you think you know it all......

Well I'm back from another fabulous Disney World vaca!!   And for all my know everything about Disney vacationing I have to eat some of my words!!   First off,  even though  this was my 22nd visit with most of those being in the fall, mother nature in Florida surprised me.   The first four days were hot (no biggie) and humid (BIGGIE).  Now, slight humidity can be expected this time of year  but,  this was the muggy, entire body covered in sweat at 9 am , don't touch me kind of humidity.  Add that to the  busiest Fall Break crowd we have ever experienced and your zippity doo dah attitude can head south (more south) quickly.    Torrential (yes, torrential) rain storms complete with lightning that could rival the fireworks display the first two afternoons and evenings topped off the first few days like a big ole cherry on top. 

The large fall crowd seemed to be a combination of Florida residents, Overseas visitors, ( I heard the phrase "where is the loo" a lot!) and events out the whazoo.  There were tons of kids in competitions of all kinds.   Fast passes for favs were gone by mid morning and average wait times for popular rides were 65-75 minutes.  Yikes.   We have been spoiled.  If we have to wait longer than 5-10 we normally pass it up!!

With all that being said we still made it fun.  The rain was warm and  ponchos were out of the question (too muggy).   If it wasn't lightning we swam in the rain.   Hung out at Downtown Disney, took advantage of our Free Disney Dining Plan, and generally relaxed.  It actually worked out since we were well rested by the time the weather changed for the better!   Day 4 of 8 brought sunshine, low humidity and we were on our way.  The crowds stayed the same while we were there but with a park hopper if one park was just too busy we would hop on over to another.  This year was our first year to try the water parks and Disney Quest.   It was fabulous!  Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are phenomenal and Disney Quest was great for my teenage boys while I shopped nearby.  And we got to catch the Not So Scary Halloween party on one of our last nights!!   

So, to everyone that I have blabbed endlessly about vacationing at Disney World in the fall,  it still is a great time to visit.  Just be prepared for anything!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don't panic Folks! It's Vacation Time!

Whoop Whoop!    Disney Vacation has finally arrived!!   Leaving at 6 am tomorrow!!  I'm packed, everything taken care of (Don't forget about your pets, mail and paper!)   I am always on the fence on Disney's online check in.   Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't.  My check in time upon arrival never seems to change either way. 

Moms and Dads,  sometimes we get so stressed over family vacations and want everything to be fantastic and for everyone to be ecstatically  happy.  We want the whole family to rave on what a marvelous time we had and praise the fabulous person who planned and worried about, and got it all together!!  Little note:  It will never happen.   You will have moments of all of those things but never all and never all at once.   And please please don't let me see you being one of those screaming shrew Moms or Dads in the park.  Not cool.  No matter every ones ages there is plenty to do.  If the youngest ones are screaming loudest get their part over then maybe they will nap in their stroller and you can relax!

And, don't get upset if the resort pool is the only place that the kiddies want to be.  They are cool pools!!!  And if that's the case you can lounge and have an adult beverage.  The lifeguards at Disney resorts are the best!!!!

I have known Moms to work themselves up into a anxiety attack upon arrival and miss half of their vacation.  I myself have learned my lesson and always keep a little vino and xanax on hand.  (hey!  whatever works!)

Breathe deep.  The time is here.  There is nothing more you can do.   Enjoy your time with your family and most importantly enjoy yourself!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vacation Crunch Time aka venting about Vacation Crunch Time!

Ahh,  crunch time.  Those last few days to get everything done before you leave on a vacation.   No matter how early I start it seems the list gets longer those last few days.    The hubs has to be in Orlando for business a few days before us. So, in a couple of days he'll get up get dressed and  walk out the door and tell us "see you guys in a few days"!  Then he'll hop on a plane and stay in a swanky resort and have catered food, drinks and entertainment.   Must be nice.   While I on the other hand will be a frazzled mess getting my teenage boys to pack (seriously, last year one of my precious angels packed 1 pair of underwear, 3 socks, and 6 shirts, no pants) study for final exams, haul around to various last minute school dances, concerts, sporting events, stop the paper, stop the mail, make sure my pet sitter hasn't skipped town, remind my parents for the 17th time that I will be out of town, get the oil changed, crap, get the side mirror fixed where I took out a mailbox on my way home from taking boys to school and the list goes on. Then drive 8 hours with hopefully a maximum of 2 stops (bahhhh, who are we kidding?!) 3 arguments, Me, singing songs they hate (my personal perk :)   to arrive at our resort where my husband will hopefully be waiting to unpack the car and have a drink in his hand for me.  Hasn't happened yet but I hope every year!   While this is my favorite yearly vacation these last few days are sometimes frantic.    For those Moms who do this every year as well.  I feel your pain. 

Ahh, that felt good.  Venting all that has renewed my vacation excitement!   Ok, while I'm looking out my kitchen window at the rain it reminded me.  While at Disney World you may experience a brief shower or 2.  No biggie, they usually don't last long.  I always pack (well, actually leave them in the car year after year) several cheapo ponchos.  They are tiny and can fit in a pocket, or bag and will save you $$ from buying them in the parks.  I'm not a fan of wearing them because they make me hot and sweaty. (and not in the fun way!) But, for those of you that don't like to get a little wet they are handy to have.

Well, after all that ranting I'm off to pack my clothes.  Crap, I hope my swim suit still fits........

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Weather at Disney World

Only 12 more days until our Fall Disney trip!    And between you and me if they don't have any homework on the last day it will be only 11!   Yes, I'm one of "those" mom's who has no problem taking the boyos out of school for vacation.   I am a courteous mom about it though.  I only use the last day before a break because there will be no homework.  I check with teachers first to make sure there are no surprise tests that my boys are not aware of (or conveniently forgot)  I understand the teacher's point of view about having to take the time to gather up make-up work for an absent kiddo.   And trust me, you do not want to piss off your kids teachers this early in the school year!

I have checked the weather down in Orlando and I know it's early yet and anything can happen     Barring any pop up hurricanes or tropical storms the weather for the 2nd week of October should be mid to high 80's with lows being in the high 60's.  From experience and countless visits at this time of year this is pretty accurate.  

In all of our October visits we have had very very few rainy days in Orlando.  Sometimes some cloudy days (nice!)  and a few rainy nights but I can only remember having just a few rainy days and not in the same trips.  The warm days are still good for swimming.  Some nights the pools are a little chilly but the kids don't mind.  And, I can't figure out Disney's heated pool theories.  It must have to get down to a certain temperature to have the pools heated.  Sometimes they are when we are there and sometimes not.

So, if you ever wonder about going to Disney World in the fall, Go!   The weather is more pleasant, the crowds not as bad as summer and there are at least two must see events:  Epcot's Food & Wine Festival and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Costumes and comfort for Mickey's Not So Scary Party

Only 20 more days til our Disney World Vacation!!   Yay!   I don't know about others but getting ready for a trip and getting there are part of the anticipation.  My suitcase is already out (I hate packing last minute cause I ALWAYS forget something important like um, underwear, hair products, MASCARA!!)  Yes, I have left all that at one time or another.   And as much as I love to shop at Disney paying $25 for 3 pairs of panties or 10.99 for mascara is not my idea of a souvenier!!  

The big thing I always have a hard time packing for is the Halloween costumes for Mickey's Not So Scary Party.   There is always one in my family who doesn't know what they want to be and teenagers don't want to do the family theme stuff any more!  (those were fun times, badgering your family and using every threat and bribe to get you all dressed like The Incredibles or anything else together!!) Plus, you want to make sure whatever you dress up in is comfortable for walking around Magic Kingdom as well as riding rides. And someone always wants to wear a creepy mask.  I'm all about creepy but I am downer Mom pointing out how hot and sweaty masks can be as well as visual impairment......Yeah, call me Mommy Dearest.
But, before you say "forget it, we'll just go without costumes"  you will instantly regret it when you see how many families and people are in costume.  The mood inside the park is charged with extra excitement.  You feel somewhat special as you watch other park goers without special event tickets (we call it the golden ticket) being herded out of the park.   Definitely makes you feel special. 

So, take the time and get costumes together.  Even just getting your faced painted at Downtown Disney (done that) and throwing on some wings will give you that magical feeling.  Don't forget comfort issues!  Bummer if your feet hurt in your Snow White shoes the whole time.......

This party is not to be missed.  It is only offered 23 nights out of the whole year and if you love slightly spooky fun it is worth it!

Oh, and one other note.   A fun tradition is dressing up your resort room window.  We have done it for years and it doesn't matter what time of year it is.  We have seen some creative windows!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Curb your Disney Enthusiasm

Have you ever had someone casually ask you a question about a Disney World Vacation??  And you turn into the psycho DIsney lady?????   Gahhh,  That happened to me Sunday in the church parking lot.  A family I know asked a question about where to stay in Disney.   Where to stay?????   My poor little brain kicked into overdrive.  Well, first start with your budget, then there are the themes, are you looking for rest and relaxation or a little busier activities yadda yadda yadda.   After 20 minutes of me extolling the virtues of every Disney World Resort I have stayed  the wife asked "what about dining"   Gahhhhh,  have these people done any homework????  You can't just throw any old Disney restaurant at them.   Do they want sit down dining?   In a park or one of the resorts?  Characters?   Help me!  Throw me a bone!!!  This poor family had no clue.  After about 30 minutes I told them I would email my favs along with what I consider the best blogs and reviews on all of that.   They all had a wide eyed glazed expression when I left them and hurried to their car.     Newbies. 

Great,  now I'm going to be known as the crazy Disney lady.......

Friday, August 31, 2012

Disney in the Fall

Ahhhh, fall is around the corner and to some it means cooler temps, falling leaves, and layering of the clothing!    But, to me it means fall in Disney!   It is my favorite time to spend in central Florida.   It is still hot enough to swim and wear your skimpiest summer wear.   But the oppressive humidity that can melt even the sturdiest Disney die hard in Florida's summer is diminished in fall.  In fact those fall evenings are heavenly and feels like silk on your skin at the perfect temperature.    (at least to me!)

Fall in Disney World also means two of the most favored events.   Epcot's Food and Wine Festival and Magic Kingdom's  Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

The International Food and Wine Festival this year is from Sept 28th to Nov 12th.   Located in The World Showcase you can travel "around the world" sampling all sorts of fabulous food,wine and beer.   The portions are small and priced accordingly so you can try as many different offerings that you can hold!  It is a fabulous way to try different dishes that you would not normally have the opportunity to all while staying stateside!  The atmosphere has the feel of exactly what it is, an outdoor festival.  There are entertainers from various countries as well as wonderful concerts with well known artists.  And if you are staying "on property"  it is comforting to know the Disney transportation system will be your designated driver!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is a blast that everyone should go to at least once.  The separate admission party runs for 18 days  (non consecutively as to not be every evening so other Disney guests can enjoy MK at night as well)   Most families treat it as Halloween night with kids and yes, most adults wearing costumes.  Fun to watch as some families are extremely humorous and creative with theirs!   As you walk through the turnstiles Cast Members hand out bags to collect candy at designated locations throughout the park.   Spooky haunted mansion type music and announcements are played through out the evening and there are at least two dance parties in different locations.  (Fun!!)
Most of the rides are open and there is usually little or no wait on these nights.  The highlight of the party is the parade.  It runs twice a night at this event.  The theme is Boo To You and it has all your favorite Disney villains!   Get a good spot to view because you don't want to miss the beginning where the headless horse man races through the park signifying the start of the parade.  All in all it is a wonderful time for Halloween lovers.    The ending is a Halloween fireworks display behind Cinderellas castle (which is lit up in creepy colors on those nights)  

Just talking about this event has me excited for some spooky fun!  Four more weeks and counting!  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Early Mornings at Disney World

To all my fellow eary risers, an early morning jaunt to the Parks or even a stroll through your resort can be magical!  (can be is the operative word here)  I love early mornings at Disney World!  The air is cool and and everyone you meet has a determined stride!   The atmosphere in the food court is "hurry!  We are the early birds! the lucky ones! the smart ones!  We will get to our destination ahead of everyone else!  Of course, there are the same amount of people at 20 other resorts thinking the same thing.  But, don't let that detour you.   Us early birds get to experience Disney transportation with others who are bright-eyed, fresh (mind and body!) and giddy with excitement.  

Disney World offers early hour admission to different parks during the week and are a nice perk for guests staying at one of the Disney Resorts. Yet, another way to make Disney Resort guests feel special. :) An hour before the crowds?    Yes Please!

For those of you who opt to use your early time at MK there is nothing more exciting than standing at the gate and listening to the "Mayor" of MK.  The train pulls in, The Main Street singers/entertainers start singing "Good Morning"
My goose-bump magical button is pushed without having entered the park!!

By getting to one of the parks early you will find yourself on thrill rides and watching shows with little or no wait.   By lunch time you will have the smug satisfaction of watching throngs of people just starting to unfold their park maps.   With the high demand attractions under your belt you are now at your leisure to explore the rest of the park with no stress!   Yay!!   And that my friends is the key to a wonderful Disney World Vacation~~~~~low stress!

So, for all you non-early risers.  Take one morning and experience what early birds do.  You won't be disappointed.   And you get your smug moment when you are watching the late fireworks and my family is dead asleep at 9:30!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Couponing to Disney

I just have to say love the couponing to Disney site.   Whether your a coupon person or not you just have to love Kristina's  enthusiasm and drive!!!!  If you get a chance check it out!!     Seems a lot of folks are getting antsy about the tropical storm heading to Florida.  While it could make for a soggy trip my thought is immediately Whoopee!!!  Less crowds!!
I know I know,  safety first.   But c'mon!!!   It's Florida.   Just wait it out or go to a different part of the state :)    

Has anyone ridden one of the double Dumbo rides yet?   Can you tell which is the original?   My husband and now 14 year old son have ridden it together since our son and he waited 2 hours when he was 3 (My husband?? Waiting???For Dumbo?? 2 hours??)  Still a mushy Dad memory after all these years!!! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Best places to view DW fireworks outside the parks

For those of you who like a good fireworks show (seriously? who doesn't)  Disney World puts on one of the best displays I have ever seen.   You don't even have to be inside the Magic Kingdom to view them.  Some of our best memories are watching the fireworks!   The Polynesian Resort is our absolute fav place to view.  If you are a guest at any Disney World Resort don't forget you have access to other resorts and recreation.  We mosey over toThe Polynesian beach area an hour or so before the show starts.  Grab a drink, sink your toes in the sand, and find the perfect hammock or lounger.   Usually there is a pretty good crowd, but it's actually very quiet as if everyone knows their getting ready for something special.  I love watching families of several generations who obviously have done this before!!  Last year there was a movie playing for youngsters right on the beach. Very nice!   Before the fireworks  there is a wonderful light pagent of floats that go around the bay in front of The Polynesian, Grand Floridian and The Contemporary Resort.  If you get a chance this a wonderful relaxing way to end the evening.

The monorail surprisingly is another great place to view the fireworks.  (we found this out by accident)   Just sit back in your futuristic mode of transportation and watch the fireworks as you go around Bay Lake.

One more accidental fireworks viewing spot was one year we stayed at Pop Century.   We were in one of the 60's  buildings facing Hourglass lake.  Our room was on the back corner and I stepped out for some fresh air  ( our youngest has never been able to stay awake past 9pm! so we were already in our room) and realized I could see the fireworks from the MK.   Granted it was quite a distance but I could see them distinctly.  It was so peaceful overlooking the lake and watching the fireworks. We have actually tried to do it again on previous trips and it was just as memorable!!   

The youngest son I referred to is now 13 and just last year has made it  til after the fireworks show!!!  Crazy!

Oh!  and one last one.  This one is in the park on the people mover.  Just enjoy while everyone is trying to get out of the park at the same time!!  Rather amusing :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Use blogs, websites to save money for your Disney World vacation!

I know I have mentioned that  I am cheap.  I mean really cheap!!    So, when I'm planning my DW trips I always hit the blogs and websites first to see what deals are going on at DW.   Discounted rooms and dining are your best money savers.  usually has up to date discount reports and depending on the time of the year savings can be found as well.  Now don't fall for all the "free tickets" yadda yadda yadda.  Disney is very tight about their discounts and you can only get them through them.  Sometimes you can get discounted tickets through some sites but the savings is minimal and sometimes are tied in with a time share sales pitch.   I have found in the last few years that even sites like Expedia, and others are no more discounted than Disney's site.  So, choose your time of year wisely and go to the Disney site.  Lots of last minute summer specials.  I made reservations for October and got lucky with free dining.  That's right!  FREE.  I have 2 teenage boys.  Put FREE and TEENAGERS and FOOD together and that makes Momma a happy gal :)

Another great savings are staying at the Value Resorts on property.  (when you hear the term "on property" that just means on DW property.    We have stayed at all of them.  The rooms are small but many times I have gotten room rates for under $100 and we don't stay in room very much anyway.  The pools there are great and usually there are movies by the pool at night and fun games that the lifeguards and cast members play with guests.   Our fav value resort is POP

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last year in the fall when we went to DW,  instead of just hanging by the pool the evening of arrival we actually went to MK (Magic Kingdom)  which we have never done.   Main Street USA  is a wonderful way to start your Disney Vacation.  Singers on trolleys,  The Mayor of Disney World wandering around, barbershop quartets singing on corners.  All within first 5 minutes!!   My boys have always laughed about the barber shop on Main St.  It is real and since they didn't have haircuts before vacation (who am I kidding???  We are more like the bi-year haircut family!)  My hubs and boys got their haircuts the old fashioned way in a cool place.  While that was going on I was standing outside and was pulled into an impromtu dance party with cast memebers.  Right up my alley!!  Dancing unabashedly with people I don't know!!  Whoooo Hoooo!!   After that we wandered around in the lovely summer Florida air.  (Always feels like silk to my skin!)   We actually caught several big rides with no wait.  Guess it was due to it being about 8 in the evening.  Didn't wear ourselves out and moseyed back to hotel for a swim and adult refreshments.   One of the absolute best starts to a DW vacation in my opinion!!!