Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vacation Crunch Time aka venting about Vacation Crunch Time!

Ahh,  crunch time.  Those last few days to get everything done before you leave on a vacation.   No matter how early I start it seems the list gets longer those last few days.    The hubs has to be in Orlando for business a few days before us. So, in a couple of days he'll get up get dressed and  walk out the door and tell us "see you guys in a few days"!  Then he'll hop on a plane and stay in a swanky resort and have catered food, drinks and entertainment.   Must be nice.   While I on the other hand will be a frazzled mess getting my teenage boys to pack (seriously, last year one of my precious angels packed 1 pair of underwear, 3 socks, and 6 shirts, no pants) study for final exams, haul around to various last minute school dances, concerts, sporting events, stop the paper, stop the mail, make sure my pet sitter hasn't skipped town, remind my parents for the 17th time that I will be out of town, get the oil changed, crap, get the side mirror fixed where I took out a mailbox on my way home from taking boys to school and the list goes on. Then drive 8 hours with hopefully a maximum of 2 stops (bahhhh, who are we kidding?!) 3 arguments, Me, singing songs they hate (my personal perk :)   to arrive at our resort where my husband will hopefully be waiting to unpack the car and have a drink in his hand for me.  Hasn't happened yet but I hope every year!   While this is my favorite yearly vacation these last few days are sometimes frantic.    For those Moms who do this every year as well.  I feel your pain. 

Ahh, that felt good.  Venting all that has renewed my vacation excitement!   Ok, while I'm looking out my kitchen window at the rain it reminded me.  While at Disney World you may experience a brief shower or 2.  No biggie, they usually don't last long.  I always pack (well, actually leave them in the car year after year) several cheapo ponchos.  They are tiny and can fit in a pocket, or bag and will save you $$ from buying them in the parks.  I'm not a fan of wearing them because they make me hot and sweaty. (and not in the fun way!) But, for those of you that don't like to get a little wet they are handy to have.

Well, after all that ranting I'm off to pack my clothes.  Crap, I hope my swim suit still fits........

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Weather at Disney World

Only 12 more days until our Fall Disney trip!    And between you and me if they don't have any homework on the last day it will be only 11!   Yes, I'm one of "those" mom's who has no problem taking the boyos out of school for vacation.   I am a courteous mom about it though.  I only use the last day before a break because there will be no homework.  I check with teachers first to make sure there are no surprise tests that my boys are not aware of (or conveniently forgot)  I understand the teacher's point of view about having to take the time to gather up make-up work for an absent kiddo.   And trust me, you do not want to piss off your kids teachers this early in the school year!

I have checked the weather down in Orlando and I know it's early yet and anything can happen     Barring any pop up hurricanes or tropical storms the weather for the 2nd week of October should be mid to high 80's with lows being in the high 60's.  From experience and countless visits at this time of year this is pretty accurate.  

In all of our October visits we have had very very few rainy days in Orlando.  Sometimes some cloudy days (nice!)  and a few rainy nights but I can only remember having just a few rainy days and not in the same trips.  The warm days are still good for swimming.  Some nights the pools are a little chilly but the kids don't mind.  And, I can't figure out Disney's heated pool theories.  It must have to get down to a certain temperature to have the pools heated.  Sometimes they are when we are there and sometimes not.

So, if you ever wonder about going to Disney World in the fall, Go!   The weather is more pleasant, the crowds not as bad as summer and there are at least two must see events:  Epcot's Food & Wine Festival and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Costumes and comfort for Mickey's Not So Scary Party

Only 20 more days til our Disney World Vacation!!   Yay!   I don't know about others but getting ready for a trip and getting there are part of the anticipation.  My suitcase is already out (I hate packing last minute cause I ALWAYS forget something important like um, underwear, hair products, MASCARA!!)  Yes, I have left all that at one time or another.   And as much as I love to shop at Disney paying $25 for 3 pairs of panties or 10.99 for mascara is not my idea of a souvenier!!  

The big thing I always have a hard time packing for is the Halloween costumes for Mickey's Not So Scary Party.   There is always one in my family who doesn't know what they want to be and teenagers don't want to do the family theme stuff any more!  (those were fun times, badgering your family and using every threat and bribe to get you all dressed like The Incredibles or anything else together!!) Plus, you want to make sure whatever you dress up in is comfortable for walking around Magic Kingdom as well as riding rides. And someone always wants to wear a creepy mask.  I'm all about creepy but I am downer Mom pointing out how hot and sweaty masks can be as well as visual impairment......Yeah, call me Mommy Dearest.
But, before you say "forget it, we'll just go without costumes"  you will instantly regret it when you see how many families and people are in costume.  The mood inside the park is charged with extra excitement.  You feel somewhat special as you watch other park goers without special event tickets (we call it the golden ticket) being herded out of the park.   Definitely makes you feel special. 

So, take the time and get costumes together.  Even just getting your faced painted at Downtown Disney (done that) and throwing on some wings will give you that magical feeling.  Don't forget comfort issues!  Bummer if your feet hurt in your Snow White shoes the whole time.......

This party is not to be missed.  It is only offered 23 nights out of the whole year and if you love slightly spooky fun it is worth it!

Oh, and one other note.   A fun tradition is dressing up your resort room window.  We have done it for years and it doesn't matter what time of year it is.  We have seen some creative windows!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Curb your Disney Enthusiasm

Have you ever had someone casually ask you a question about a Disney World Vacation??  And you turn into the psycho DIsney lady?????   Gahhh,  That happened to me Sunday in the church parking lot.  A family I know asked a question about where to stay in Disney.   Where to stay?????   My poor little brain kicked into overdrive.  Well, first start with your budget, then there are the themes, are you looking for rest and relaxation or a little busier activities yadda yadda yadda.   After 20 minutes of me extolling the virtues of every Disney World Resort I have stayed  the wife asked "what about dining"   Gahhhhh,  have these people done any homework????  You can't just throw any old Disney restaurant at them.   Do they want sit down dining?   In a park or one of the resorts?  Characters?   Help me!  Throw me a bone!!!  This poor family had no clue.  After about 30 minutes I told them I would email my favs along with what I consider the best blogs and reviews on all of that.   They all had a wide eyed glazed expression when I left them and hurried to their car.     Newbies. 

Great,  now I'm going to be known as the crazy Disney lady.......