Thursday, November 8, 2012

Military, Policemen, Firemen, etc.

My sweet baby  Cory who is actually 24yrs old and a Navy sailor txt'd me and said he might get to come home in February!!!   Big news for us!  We have not seen him in 1 1/2 years.  :(    His first words were "Do you want to go to Disney in February??"   I love him!   Hell to the yeah!   So, it got me thinking about military families and Disney.   I know all kinds of police, firefighters and other public servants get discounts to the "World".   We have met tons of people from up north like New Jersey, Connecticut, New York etc. who were affiliated in some way with either the military service or police, fire, etc. and they are all just wonderful.  

So, I thought I would pull up info for Cory's upcoming visit as well as any other families who might be curious.

I am having a hard time finding discounts for police and firemen. There were many discounts after 9/11 but it seems they have dried up. (which is a darn shame)  Checking with your local departments might offer insights not found on the Internet.   There is a discount for National Sheriffs Association that I did come across. 

As for military there is a window of time called Armed Forces Salute that runs from Oct 1,2012 to September 28,2013.    There are deep discounts on rooms as well as tickets during this time for Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land in California.   The best site  I found for this info was Military Discount Tips.  Plus, the Disney site itself usually has military discounts posted.   Shades of Green is the only military resort on Disney World property.  Rates go by rank and pay.  I have also heard it books up quickly.   

I will defenitely do some more digging on the subject and if anyone has more details just let me know!