Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fork In The Road

I am so excited today!  I finally sat down and made our next reservations for Disney World!  

Since getting our annual passes last summer it has honestly been rather difficult to get to DW as often as we thought we would.   With teenagers schedules it seemed this year nothing was timed right.

I had every intention of going to DW  for my beloved Atlanta Braves Spring Training but my teens school schedule had not one day available during that time. And the older they get the more schools tend to frown when Mom takes them out for no good reason.....  And of course our spring break is along with everyone else's this year and the room rates were rather high.  This has always equaled out to high volume crowds.  And we aren't fans of that.

So,  I had to bump our trip back again to the end of May.  Which is about 4 months later than I thought we would go.

So, if you are considering an annual Disney World Pass and don't live close to Orlando you might want to sit down and figure up how many times are you really able to go.   Which I did rather vaguely.......

Whatever.  Any month for me in Disney is a good month and we are staying somewhere on property we have never stayed. ( And we have stayed at a lot!)   
Drum roll please........

Beach Club Resort!!

My guys have never been big Epcot fans but, I have always loved riding the boat past the cute paths connecting Epcot with Yacht and Beach Club.  

So I am looking at this like a new adventure outside our Disney comfort zone.

This is how my resort changing decision started:

My darling husband Archie Bunker had declared last year (while we were at Pop Century) he would not stay in a 200 sq ft room with music blaring and a lifeguard tooling around on a Big Wheel any longer.  He was finished. Cooked. There was not an ounce of pixie dust or magic to be found on him....

In fact he was so adamant that we did not bring it up again for months.

But,  he did admit last week if maybe just maybe we stayed elsewhere on property that wasn't so zippity doo dah he might go with us.

Hopefully Beach Club will be nice and relaxing and right up his stuffy, snobby alley.  And, he can see his favorite ESPN Club right across the water at Board Walk and boat on over whenever the magic leaves him.  

Now, the boys and I love love love Pop. Inexpensive, great music, decent food court and the only resort with DEDICATED BUSES. (buses that go straight to the park, not stopping at other resorts etc)  For those of you who don't know about this it is kind of a big deal especially for regulars.  My 15 year old has the transportation schedule down to a science.   And Pop just has a vibe that gets me all Disney excited.  

So cross your fingers folks.  This is a fork in the road for us.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Days or Disney Days?

As I sit here on the TN/GA state line watching the snow fall for the second time I am thinking about sunshine and Main Street USA.

We've have had snow twice now in a few weeks.  That is 2 times the amount we normally get.  My husband mentioned this morning that since school has been out I should hop in the car and head on down to Disney World.  

I wish I was that spontaneous!  I used to be.  Sometimes I am but as a Mom I'm just thinking too much.  Will school be out the rest of the week??  Will the boys miss any crucial assignments????  Who am I kidding?  Their teenagers.  Every assignment is crucial.  

Hmmmm.  I might just have to think about it real hard today.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cure for Winter Blues Disney Style

Wow!   What a cold winter we've had in the south!   This year I have stayed inside and drank more hot tea and cocoa than I have in my life!

It's got me thinking that I need a trip further south in the near future.  Disney World anyone??

Updates this week have reported Typhoon Beach water park in Disney being closed to cold weather.  Yikes.  I couldn't strip down and jump in a pool right now if you paid me.  And I have been seeing lots of posts and pics with people wearing jackets and long pants at all the major parks.  Every day!   What??

So if your like me and need some warm weather to shake those winter blues here are a few things going on at Disney that might tempt you!

We've got baseball pitchers and catchers reporting this month for the Atlanta Braves down at Disney's Wide World of Sports!    Warm weather, hot dogs and baseball are one of my favorite ways to start the season!  And Champion Stadium can't be beat.  While everyone else is still shoveling snow and wearing parkas you could be relaxing and watching one of America's favorite pastimes!

International Flower & Garden Festival starts March 5th and runs through May 18th.  Disney always has such wonderful gardens and topiary but during the festival they pull out all the stops in that department!   You will see the most beautiful flowers and arrangements all done up Disney style!   There are also plenty of outdoor food kiosks and entertainment during this time so you don't miss a thing!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Best Disney World Info

I love reading other blogs about Disney World.  I swear,  just when you think you know everything you need to know about Disney poof! someone hands you a little unknown tidbit that blows your mind.  Like bus crashes or accidents on The Jungle Cruise........

Yup, hard to believe but reality does creep into Disney's back door.

I get my information from my personal experiences at Disney World, blogs, articles and The Orlando Sentinel I have their app on my phone and it's amazing all the non-magical stuff that happens at and around Disney World. Dis Blog is one of my all time favorites for information and updates.

Just a word of caution.  If you only want to know about the Disney side where everything is  magical and covered in pixie dust don't go to these sites!  Stick with!!

Disney World

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Central Florida Weather

While I was in the deep cold north for Thanksgiving.  The deepest part for me was Illinois which is too far north and too effing cold in my book....   All I did was fantasize about how warm central Florida might be.

I went as far as to check my weather app on my phone oh about 3 times a day to see what the temp was in FLA.

It was nice.   70 and 80's nice.  For the end of November that's super nice.

Hmmmm, I think I want to be a local....