Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I want to go back

Aggghhh,   After coming home from vacay and getting through the last two weeks of school and chaos I want to go back.   You know,  like a do-over.    Since I've been home from Orlando I have thought of a million things that I didn't get to do or forgot.   

Must Do List for Disney World

Eat a giant Turkey Leg (or buy a t-shirt saying you did)
Wave at the monorail driver
Try more than one new food at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival
(See last post why I didn't, my boys were trying to kill me and wine was more enticing that night)  :)
Wear my tiara  more(yes, I have one)
Blow a kiss to Captain Jack Sparrow
Dance at more than one parade. 
Go more than once on Rock n Roller Coaster
Take another bad picture at Epcot of me "holding the world"  (Mine are always off)
Watch the fireworks from the monorail
See Tinkerbell come flying down from the Castle

These are just some of the things I have done in the past and didn't get to this time.    See, you can go every year and still not do everything or see everything.   So, if you have certain things you want to see or do there this year my suggestion is to make a list!!