Monday, September 10, 2012

Curb your Disney Enthusiasm

Have you ever had someone casually ask you a question about a Disney World Vacation??  And you turn into the psycho DIsney lady?????   Gahhh,  That happened to me Sunday in the church parking lot.  A family I know asked a question about where to stay in Disney.   Where to stay?????   My poor little brain kicked into overdrive.  Well, first start with your budget, then there are the themes, are you looking for rest and relaxation or a little busier activities yadda yadda yadda.   After 20 minutes of me extolling the virtues of every Disney World Resort I have stayed  the wife asked "what about dining"   Gahhhhh,  have these people done any homework????  You can't just throw any old Disney restaurant at them.   Do they want sit down dining?   In a park or one of the resorts?  Characters?   Help me!  Throw me a bone!!!  This poor family had no clue.  After about 30 minutes I told them I would email my favs along with what I consider the best blogs and reviews on all of that.   They all had a wide eyed glazed expression when I left them and hurried to their car.     Newbies. 

Great,  now I'm going to be known as the crazy Disney lady.......