Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last year in the fall when we went to DW,  instead of just hanging by the pool the evening of arrival we actually went to MK (Magic Kingdom)  which we have never done.   Main Street USA  is a wonderful way to start your Disney Vacation.  Singers on trolleys,  The Mayor of Disney World wandering around, barbershop quartets singing on corners.  All within first 5 minutes!!   My boys have always laughed about the barber shop on Main St.  It is real and since they didn't have haircuts before vacation (who am I kidding???  We are more like the bi-year haircut family!)  My hubs and boys got their haircuts the old fashioned way in a cool place.  While that was going on I was standing outside and was pulled into an impromtu dance party with cast memebers.  Right up my alley!!  Dancing unabashedly with people I don't know!!  Whoooo Hoooo!!   After that we wandered around in the lovely summer Florida air.  (Always feels like silk to my skin!)   We actually caught several big rides with no wait.  Guess it was due to it being about 8 in the evening.  Didn't wear ourselves out and moseyed back to hotel for a swim and adult refreshments.   One of the absolute best starts to a DW vacation in my opinion!!!