Sunday, August 26, 2012

Early Mornings at Disney World

To all my fellow eary risers, an early morning jaunt to the Parks or even a stroll through your resort can be magical!  (can be is the operative word here)  I love early mornings at Disney World!  The air is cool and and everyone you meet has a determined stride!   The atmosphere in the food court is "hurry!  We are the early birds! the lucky ones! the smart ones!  We will get to our destination ahead of everyone else!  Of course, there are the same amount of people at 20 other resorts thinking the same thing.  But, don't let that detour you.   Us early birds get to experience Disney transportation with others who are bright-eyed, fresh (mind and body!) and giddy with excitement.  

Disney World offers early hour admission to different parks during the week and are a nice perk for guests staying at one of the Disney Resorts. Yet, another way to make Disney Resort guests feel special. :) An hour before the crowds?    Yes Please!

For those of you who opt to use your early time at MK there is nothing more exciting than standing at the gate and listening to the "Mayor" of MK.  The train pulls in, The Main Street singers/entertainers start singing "Good Morning"
My goose-bump magical button is pushed without having entered the park!!

By getting to one of the parks early you will find yourself on thrill rides and watching shows with little or no wait.   By lunch time you will have the smug satisfaction of watching throngs of people just starting to unfold their park maps.   With the high demand attractions under your belt you are now at your leisure to explore the rest of the park with no stress!   Yay!!   And that my friends is the key to a wonderful Disney World Vacation~~~~~low stress!

So, for all you non-early risers.  Take one morning and experience what early birds do.  You won't be disappointed.   And you get your smug moment when you are watching the late fireworks and my family is dead asleep at 9:30!!!!