Saturday, August 18, 2012

Best places to view DW fireworks outside the parks

For those of you who like a good fireworks show (seriously? who doesn't)  Disney World puts on one of the best displays I have ever seen.   You don't even have to be inside the Magic Kingdom to view them.  Some of our best memories are watching the fireworks!   The Polynesian Resort is our absolute fav place to view.  If you are a guest at any Disney World Resort don't forget you have access to other resorts and recreation.  We mosey over toThe Polynesian beach area an hour or so before the show starts.  Grab a drink, sink your toes in the sand, and find the perfect hammock or lounger.   Usually there is a pretty good crowd, but it's actually very quiet as if everyone knows their getting ready for something special.  I love watching families of several generations who obviously have done this before!!  Last year there was a movie playing for youngsters right on the beach. Very nice!   Before the fireworks  there is a wonderful light pagent of floats that go around the bay in front of The Polynesian, Grand Floridian and The Contemporary Resort.  If you get a chance this a wonderful relaxing way to end the evening.

The monorail surprisingly is another great place to view the fireworks.  (we found this out by accident)   Just sit back in your futuristic mode of transportation and watch the fireworks as you go around Bay Lake.

One more accidental fireworks viewing spot was one year we stayed at Pop Century.   We were in one of the 60's  buildings facing Hourglass lake.  Our room was on the back corner and I stepped out for some fresh air  ( our youngest has never been able to stay awake past 9pm! so we were already in our room) and realized I could see the fireworks from the MK.   Granted it was quite a distance but I could see them distinctly.  It was so peaceful overlooking the lake and watching the fireworks. We have actually tried to do it again on previous trips and it was just as memorable!!   

The youngest son I referred to is now 13 and just last year has made it  til after the fireworks show!!!  Crazy!

Oh!  and one last one.  This one is in the park on the people mover.  Just enjoy while everyone is trying to get out of the park at the same time!!  Rather amusing :)