Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Couponing to Disney

I just have to say love the couponing to Disney site.   Whether your a coupon person or not you just have to love Kristina's  enthusiasm and drive!!!!  If you get a chance check it out!!     Seems a lot of folks are getting antsy about the tropical storm heading to Florida.  While it could make for a soggy trip my thought is immediately Whoopee!!!  Less crowds!!
I know I know,  safety first.   But c'mon!!!   It's Florida.   Just wait it out or go to a different part of the state :)    

Has anyone ridden one of the double Dumbo rides yet?   Can you tell which is the original?   My husband and now 14 year old son have ridden it together since our son and he waited 2 hours when he was 3 (My husband?? Waiting???For Dumbo?? 2 hours??)  Still a mushy Dad memory after all these years!!!