Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vacation Crunch Time aka venting about Vacation Crunch Time!

Ahh,  crunch time.  Those last few days to get everything done before you leave on a vacation.   No matter how early I start it seems the list gets longer those last few days.    The hubs has to be in Orlando for business a few days before us. So, in a couple of days he'll get up get dressed and  walk out the door and tell us "see you guys in a few days"!  Then he'll hop on a plane and stay in a swanky resort and have catered food, drinks and entertainment.   Must be nice.   While I on the other hand will be a frazzled mess getting my teenage boys to pack (seriously, last year one of my precious angels packed 1 pair of underwear, 3 socks, and 6 shirts, no pants) study for final exams, haul around to various last minute school dances, concerts, sporting events, stop the paper, stop the mail, make sure my pet sitter hasn't skipped town, remind my parents for the 17th time that I will be out of town, get the oil changed, crap, get the side mirror fixed where I took out a mailbox on my way home from taking boys to school and the list goes on. Then drive 8 hours with hopefully a maximum of 2 stops (bahhhh, who are we kidding?!) 3 arguments, Me, singing songs they hate (my personal perk :)   to arrive at our resort where my husband will hopefully be waiting to unpack the car and have a drink in his hand for me.  Hasn't happened yet but I hope every year!   While this is my favorite yearly vacation these last few days are sometimes frantic.    For those Moms who do this every year as well.  I feel your pain. 

Ahh, that felt good.  Venting all that has renewed my vacation excitement!   Ok, while I'm looking out my kitchen window at the rain it reminded me.  While at Disney World you may experience a brief shower or 2.  No biggie, they usually don't last long.  I always pack (well, actually leave them in the car year after year) several cheapo ponchos.  They are tiny and can fit in a pocket, or bag and will save you $$ from buying them in the parks.  I'm not a fan of wearing them because they make me hot and sweaty. (and not in the fun way!) But, for those of you that don't like to get a little wet they are handy to have.

Well, after all that ranting I'm off to pack my clothes.  Crap, I hope my swim suit still fits........