Friday, September 25, 2015

It's Fall!!

It's Fall again!   And even though I'm a warm weather fan that exclamation point means that it's time for my fall trip to Disney World!

Aaaahhh,   Fall in Disney.....    What else can I say?  Disney in the fall has always been like a delicious treat to be savored.   For most years it meant low crowds, warm weather, special deals on rooms and that all elusive Disney Free Dining.  And let me tell you we ate it all up.  Again and again and again.......

But,  (Isn't there always a but?)  In the last few years people have caught on to our little secret.  And of course Disney has monopolized that time of year with public announcements of all the "deals".

Fall now means every fall break in every city of America will converge on Florida.   Trust me.  We play the license plate game.   We have gone from getting about half the tags of the US to last year even getting a Mexico and Hawaii.   WHAT??????

The crowds will be thick my friends.  The deals are absurd.  $706 for one night in a standard room at Polynesian????   $160 for Pop Century? Which we used to get all the time for $54 when we wanted a cheap trip!!!  We have stayed at them all but I think the rest of our future trips will be at a value resort.  Which are better than none right?   My Disney snob teens call these resorts Disney's ghetto.   Shame on them!  And I can't repeat what my husband calls shoehorning 4 people in a Pop room for 7 days.  All 3 of my guys are 6 ft or over.....   Those beds while comfy feel like sleeping on a twin.  It takes family love to a whole new level.  And dimension.  

Thank you baby Jesus for Petals Pool Bar.......

Ok, back on track.  Be cool.   If you are a Disney Fanatic, Disney Fan, Disney Lover, Disney Nerd you will know what to do.  

Book Early!!  Book Early!!  Book Early!!     As soon as you have a vague idea when you are going  book it.  You can arrange and change later.  Just get something booked.  If you have to have a $260 (which is the current rate for 4) dinner a Hoop De Doo Musical Revue   Book it!!!!    Are you seeing a pattern here?

I have several reservations lined up for next year just in case.

And most importantly.   SET UP YOUR FAST PASSES.   Yes, it goes against the grain for me too.  I loved the freedom of seeing events and riding rides when I felt like it as I wandered from park to park.   That's in the past folks.   For the past 2 visits I've been nagging my son to make sure I get on Toy Story Mania.  We would spend our first evening eating and setting all that up.   This past spring trying to set up fast passes when we arrived didn't fly.  Sure we got some but not everything we wanted.   

We set ours up a month before we left.    Thank goodness.  I couldn't handle the stress if we didn't.   

Now we are 7 days away and I can relax and pack.   Relax and pack??   Ha!  Fall also means making sure your entire family have costumes for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party which also books up.   Then of course you want to decorate your hotel window to let everyone know YOU are the biggest Disney fan at the resort.  

In fact, I'll have to post more later.  I've got to get up in the attic and see how I can top last years       True Disney fans do all this because we love it!!!!!  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Selfie Sticks Banned From Disney Parks

I am so sad!   My Sister In Law gave me a pink selfie stick recently because she knew how bad I wanted one while we were in Disney.   I usually take my 2 teen sons to Disney twice a year and let me tell you getting a picture out of them is like well getting a picture out of them.   So,  here I am with the best invention ever if your with a family that won't take pics and Disney bans them from parks!  I get it, their annoying and I guess could be dangerous but darn it I wanted to get some good pics on rides.   I can't honestly say on my next trip I won't try and sneak a few here or there.  And if you see me I'll deny it.   Here are some pics of me practicing.....

Friday, June 12, 2015

Spring Break Disney

Oooohhhh I've been a horrible blogger!!!   Ok, there was my 10 seconds of guilt!

So, I'm rather blue that we did not do our annual last week of May Disney trip.  But, we went on Spring Break.  This was my little brother's first trip with his little family and he wanted big Sis to be there and show them the Disney ropes. 

Trust me I was happy to do it.  Just to see his face and his family's excitement was terrific!   

We've haven't done Spring Break at Disney in years.  And our reasons are these.  The weather is unpredictable as far as warmth.  I have a problem going to Orlando and wearing pants and a jacket! Second,  My guys are high schoolers now and we have to be careful not to go around the crucial times of exams and whatnot.  (Oh, how I miss the days of letting them skip school to go to Disney!)
Third, Spring Break in Disney is now notorious for the stroller set.  No biggie, we were once in that category and it was great then, but now  we like to go at times when our heels aren't being run over by overzealous Dad's pushing 40 ton strollers to get to Frozen stuff......

Seeing Disney's side for the younger set brought out the best of us.  We reminisced about all the times we did it when the boys were little. It was a wonderful time for all of us!   Trust me.  Go back every now and then to the "little kid" stuff and you will see magic again.  

As for us "big kids" we will be back in October going to MNSSHP and next year we will be right back at it for all of Mays fun times.  ie.  Star Wars Weekend and the 24 hour party!

Spring Break was fantastic. I would highly recommend it.   The weather was incredible and seeing Disney through little and big eyes who have never been was just unforgettable.

This just goes to show that any time of the year is a great time to go to Disney World!