Friday, November 7, 2014

Show Your Disney Side Halloween Style

I have thoroughly loved this years Disney's theme "Show Your Disney Side"!!

And boy have I shown my Disney side!!  Two good trips within 4 months of each other! Wow! Both were totally different but fantastic in there own way. (which is exactly why I love Disney World)

You can read about my earlier trip this year with "10 Magical Days in Disney Parts 1&2 on my blog.

My second adventure this year was a much anticipated Fall trip for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  As Halloween being my favorite holiday my boys and I took it to a new level this year.  Every year that we go I (and everyone else)  dresses up like a Disney character.  I sported a Tinkerbell costume for many years since she was my favorite.  You know Tink, not quite a Disney princess but pouty and temper tantrums galore.  More like me......

But with the years passing rapidly an aging Tinkerbell is not so cute so for the last few years I've been more of a well, Witch.  No particular Witch.  Just a Witch.

So, to incorporate my love of Disney and Zombies we did this:

And let me tell you we had more comments and compliments than we could almost handle.  Cast members were telling us how much they loved our costumes and everywhere we went people were yelling "zombies"!!  My boys don't like a lot of attention but they were loving it like rock stars.   Their costumes were last minute old t-shirts out of suitcase cause they didn't want to dress up.  I think when they saw Mom in her zombie attire they were like "why not"??? 

Madame Carlota was at her best outside the Haunted Mansion.   Telling stories and talking with guests in line.  It is a treat if you can catch her there at night.  She is a riot!

This was the first time we caught the Cadaver Dans.  An amazing sounding group of dead gunslingers in Frontierland.  The boys and I got a nod from them for being fellow un-dead.  Think Barbershop Quartet.  But Dead.....

And don't forget to bring your trick-or-treat bags!  If you don't bring one Cast Members are passing them out at the the front gate.  I heard that Disney brought in 220 tons of candy for this years Halloween festivities.  Yum!

So, If your skeptical about paying for Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party (DNSSHP) trust me, do it once.  It will be well worth it!!