Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just when you think you know it all......

Well I'm back from another fabulous Disney World vaca!!   And for all my know everything about Disney vacationing I have to eat some of my words!!   First off,  even though  this was my 22nd visit with most of those being in the fall, mother nature in Florida surprised me.   The first four days were hot (no biggie) and humid (BIGGIE).  Now, slight humidity can be expected this time of year  but,  this was the muggy, entire body covered in sweat at 9 am , don't touch me kind of humidity.  Add that to the  busiest Fall Break crowd we have ever experienced and your zippity doo dah attitude can head south (more south) quickly.    Torrential (yes, torrential) rain storms complete with lightning that could rival the fireworks display the first two afternoons and evenings topped off the first few days like a big ole cherry on top. 

The large fall crowd seemed to be a combination of Florida residents, Overseas visitors, ( I heard the phrase "where is the loo" a lot!) and events out the whazoo.  There were tons of kids in competitions of all kinds.   Fast passes for favs were gone by mid morning and average wait times for popular rides were 65-75 minutes.  Yikes.   We have been spoiled.  If we have to wait longer than 5-10 we normally pass it up!!

With all that being said we still made it fun.  The rain was warm and  ponchos were out of the question (too muggy).   If it wasn't lightning we swam in the rain.   Hung out at Downtown Disney, took advantage of our Free Disney Dining Plan, and generally relaxed.  It actually worked out since we were well rested by the time the weather changed for the better!   Day 4 of 8 brought sunshine, low humidity and we were on our way.  The crowds stayed the same while we were there but with a park hopper if one park was just too busy we would hop on over to another.  This year was our first year to try the water parks and Disney Quest.   It was fabulous!  Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are phenomenal and Disney Quest was great for my teenage boys while I shopped nearby.  And we got to catch the Not So Scary Halloween party on one of our last nights!!   

So, to everyone that I have blabbed endlessly about vacationing at Disney World in the fall,  it still is a great time to visit.  Just be prepared for anything!!