Friday, August 31, 2012

Disney in the Fall

Ahhhh, fall is around the corner and to some it means cooler temps, falling leaves, and layering of the clothing!    But, to me it means fall in Disney!   It is my favorite time to spend in central Florida.   It is still hot enough to swim and wear your skimpiest summer wear.   But the oppressive humidity that can melt even the sturdiest Disney die hard in Florida's summer is diminished in fall.  In fact those fall evenings are heavenly and feels like silk on your skin at the perfect temperature.    (at least to me!)

Fall in Disney World also means two of the most favored events.   Epcot's Food and Wine Festival and Magic Kingdom's  Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

The International Food and Wine Festival this year is from Sept 28th to Nov 12th.   Located in The World Showcase you can travel "around the world" sampling all sorts of fabulous food,wine and beer.   The portions are small and priced accordingly so you can try as many different offerings that you can hold!  It is a fabulous way to try different dishes that you would not normally have the opportunity to all while staying stateside!  The atmosphere has the feel of exactly what it is, an outdoor festival.  There are entertainers from various countries as well as wonderful concerts with well known artists.  And if you are staying "on property"  it is comforting to know the Disney transportation system will be your designated driver!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is a blast that everyone should go to at least once.  The separate admission party runs for 18 days  (non consecutively as to not be every evening so other Disney guests can enjoy MK at night as well)   Most families treat it as Halloween night with kids and yes, most adults wearing costumes.  Fun to watch as some families are extremely humorous and creative with theirs!   As you walk through the turnstiles Cast Members hand out bags to collect candy at designated locations throughout the park.   Spooky haunted mansion type music and announcements are played through out the evening and there are at least two dance parties in different locations.  (Fun!!)
Most of the rides are open and there is usually little or no wait on these nights.  The highlight of the party is the parade.  It runs twice a night at this event.  The theme is Boo To You and it has all your favorite Disney villains!   Get a good spot to view because you don't want to miss the beginning where the headless horse man races through the park signifying the start of the parade.  All in all it is a wonderful time for Halloween lovers.    The ending is a Halloween fireworks display behind Cinderellas castle (which is lit up in creepy colors on those nights)  

Just talking about this event has me excited for some spooky fun!  Four more weeks and counting!