Friday, August 17, 2012

Use blogs, websites to save money for your Disney World vacation!

I know I have mentioned that  I am cheap.  I mean really cheap!!    So, when I'm planning my DW trips I always hit the blogs and websites first to see what deals are going on at DW.   Discounted rooms and dining are your best money savers.  usually has up to date discount reports and depending on the time of the year savings can be found as well.  Now don't fall for all the "free tickets" yadda yadda yadda.  Disney is very tight about their discounts and you can only get them through them.  Sometimes you can get discounted tickets through some sites but the savings is minimal and sometimes are tied in with a time share sales pitch.   I have found in the last few years that even sites like Expedia, and others are no more discounted than Disney's site.  So, choose your time of year wisely and go to the Disney site.  Lots of last minute summer specials.  I made reservations for October and got lucky with free dining.  That's right!  FREE.  I have 2 teenage boys.  Put FREE and TEENAGERS and FOOD together and that makes Momma a happy gal :)

Another great savings are staying at the Value Resorts on property.  (when you hear the term "on property" that just means on DW property.    We have stayed at all of them.  The rooms are small but many times I have gotten room rates for under $100 and we don't stay in room very much anyway.  The pools there are great and usually there are movies by the pool at night and fun games that the lifeguards and cast members play with guests.   Our fav value resort is POP