Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don't panic Folks! It's Vacation Time!

Whoop Whoop!    Disney Vacation has finally arrived!!   Leaving at 6 am tomorrow!!  I'm packed, everything taken care of (Don't forget about your pets, mail and paper!)   I am always on the fence on Disney's online check in.   Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't.  My check in time upon arrival never seems to change either way. 

Moms and Dads,  sometimes we get so stressed over family vacations and want everything to be fantastic and for everyone to be ecstatically  happy.  We want the whole family to rave on what a marvelous time we had and praise the fabulous person who planned and worried about, and got it all together!!  Little note:  It will never happen.   You will have moments of all of those things but never all and never all at once.   And please please don't let me see you being one of those screaming shrew Moms or Dads in the park.  Not cool.  No matter every ones ages there is plenty to do.  If the youngest ones are screaming loudest get their part over then maybe they will nap in their stroller and you can relax!

And, don't get upset if the resort pool is the only place that the kiddies want to be.  They are cool pools!!!  And if that's the case you can lounge and have an adult beverage.  The lifeguards at Disney resorts are the best!!!!

I have known Moms to work themselves up into a anxiety attack upon arrival and miss half of their vacation.  I myself have learned my lesson and always keep a little vino and xanax on hand.  (hey!  whatever works!)

Breathe deep.  The time is here.  There is nothing more you can do.   Enjoy your time with your family and most importantly enjoy yourself!!!