Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Break??

I'm back!!  And let me tell you friends out of my many trips to Disney World this was the BUSIEST I have seen.

Fall Break used to mean relaxing sunshine, meandering through parks, no wait times........   Well, welcome to 2013.  This Fall Break mean record crowds (for this time of year)  Pop Century Resort was over-booked and the over flow were upgraded to other resorts and all other property resorts were booked as well.   The main computer went down when we tried to check in and we spent 45 minutes at the check in counter.  Then we were given 1 room key for our family of 4 for the entire day. And let me tell you our family of 4 didn't really want to hang all together after being cooped in the car for 8 hours.  

So someone had to be available that day to get everyone in the room.  Yup, that would be me.  Mom.   

I had friends who were there at the same time and we kept texting back and forth "Is it busy at the park your at"???  Yes it is.  

Numerous cast members that I spoke with chalked up the crowds to the new Magic Bands being out.  I think the free dining plan offered didn't help either.

We did not load our Magic Bands with Fast Passes until we got there and some of our favs were already full for certain days in advance. 

But, we still managed to have a good time.  The weather was fabulous.  Thank you Florida sunshine!!   And when we did get our fast passes loaded they worked like a charm.  The water parks were our saving grace last week.  Although they were fairly crowded the wait times there were usually only 5-10 minutes.  Sure beat having our feet run over by the millions of strollers that were in the theme parks :)  And I mean a million........

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Yay!   Only 6 more days until our Disney vacation!   While I haven't been blogging much I have been online devouring every little morsel and tidbit about Disney World the week we will be there.   Weather, ride refurbishment schedule, refrigerator saga, crowd speculation..... You name it I've googled it.

The weather looks fantastic for our week.  Having trouble getting an extra room.  Disney reservations say that Pop Century is booked.   That always sends panic through me.  Envisioning crowds out of control, crying toddlers, park Nazi's plowing everyone down.....

Last year Pop was "booked" and I swear there wasn't another family on our whole floor.   I'm hoping Disney booked and my booked are two different things.

My teens and I have been playing around with the My Disney Experience app and have had fun speculating how well our magic bands will work.   Still not ready to commit to setting up our daily FP's.   We don't decide which park to go to until the night before.

If you are going to be in Disney World over fall break or anytime really, take the time to check out some of the resort room windows.   I love decorating our window with Disney memorabilia from past visits.   Some families go way out and it is so much fun seeing their Disney love displayed for all to see!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Disney World Flip Out Mode

I broke down and called Pop Century Resort (or Disney's Ghetto as my teen boys call it) at  Disney World this morning.  My burning question is about those gosh darn refrigerators that are being replaced.   I was told (just like I was told when I went in July)  that they are being replaced as we speak.....

I was told that a note would be attached to my reservation that will make sure I have one.  

I certainly don't want to take one from someone who has medical need for one.  I actually just want one to supplement our cooler with all of our drinks, snacks etc....  Plus,  someone in our family always has some left overs from a fabulous Disney restaurant that I won't let them throw away.   Is that so wrong???   

Then I requested a connecting room and was told there weren't anymore available.  Bummer and crap crap crap.   We have discovered that our family of 4 is a large family of 4 and no amount of bribing or flipping of coins will get anyone to share a bed.  That includes my husband and myself.......

So now for the next 13 days I will be in flip out mode trying to decide if we should change resorts. (Pop is our fave and is one of few with dedicated buses)  or should I try calling every  morning to see if there is a connecting room that has come open.  

My Disney vacation would not be complete if I didn't flip out on something.  My teenagers pointed this out just a few minutes ago....

So I guess this makes it about my 22nd Disney flip out.