Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Weather at Disney World

Only 12 more days until our Fall Disney trip!    And between you and me if they don't have any homework on the last day it will be only 11!   Yes, I'm one of "those" mom's who has no problem taking the boyos out of school for vacation.   I am a courteous mom about it though.  I only use the last day before a break because there will be no homework.  I check with teachers first to make sure there are no surprise tests that my boys are not aware of (or conveniently forgot)  I understand the teacher's point of view about having to take the time to gather up make-up work for an absent kiddo.   And trust me, you do not want to piss off your kids teachers this early in the school year!

I have checked the weather down in Orlando and I know it's early yet and anything can happen     Barring any pop up hurricanes or tropical storms the weather for the 2nd week of October should be mid to high 80's with lows being in the high 60's.  From experience and countless visits at this time of year this is pretty accurate.  

In all of our October visits we have had very very few rainy days in Orlando.  Sometimes some cloudy days (nice!)  and a few rainy nights but I can only remember having just a few rainy days and not in the same trips.  The warm days are still good for swimming.  Some nights the pools are a little chilly but the kids don't mind.  And, I can't figure out Disney's heated pool theories.  It must have to get down to a certain temperature to have the pools heated.  Sometimes they are when we are there and sometimes not.

So, if you ever wonder about going to Disney World in the fall, Go!   The weather is more pleasant, the crowds not as bad as summer and there are at least two must see events:  Epcot's Food & Wine Festival and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.