Saturday, September 15, 2012

Costumes and comfort for Mickey's Not So Scary Party

Only 20 more days til our Disney World Vacation!!   Yay!   I don't know about others but getting ready for a trip and getting there are part of the anticipation.  My suitcase is already out (I hate packing last minute cause I ALWAYS forget something important like um, underwear, hair products, MASCARA!!)  Yes, I have left all that at one time or another.   And as much as I love to shop at Disney paying $25 for 3 pairs of panties or 10.99 for mascara is not my idea of a souvenier!!  

The big thing I always have a hard time packing for is the Halloween costumes for Mickey's Not So Scary Party.   There is always one in my family who doesn't know what they want to be and teenagers don't want to do the family theme stuff any more!  (those were fun times, badgering your family and using every threat and bribe to get you all dressed like The Incredibles or anything else together!!) Plus, you want to make sure whatever you dress up in is comfortable for walking around Magic Kingdom as well as riding rides. And someone always wants to wear a creepy mask.  I'm all about creepy but I am downer Mom pointing out how hot and sweaty masks can be as well as visual impairment......Yeah, call me Mommy Dearest.
But, before you say "forget it, we'll just go without costumes"  you will instantly regret it when you see how many families and people are in costume.  The mood inside the park is charged with extra excitement.  You feel somewhat special as you watch other park goers without special event tickets (we call it the golden ticket) being herded out of the park.   Definitely makes you feel special. 

So, take the time and get costumes together.  Even just getting your faced painted at Downtown Disney (done that) and throwing on some wings will give you that magical feeling.  Don't forget comfort issues!  Bummer if your feet hurt in your Snow White shoes the whole time.......

This party is not to be missed.  It is only offered 23 nights out of the whole year and if you love slightly spooky fun it is worth it!

Oh, and one other note.   A fun tradition is dressing up your resort room window.  We have done it for years and it doesn't matter what time of year it is.  We have seen some creative windows!