Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Restaurant Fantasyland

I have been so jealous about not being at Disney World recently that it has been hard to even blog!   For one, the Christmas lights and decorations are out in full force and from what I hear they are as enchanting as ever!    Another reason is that the new restaurant that everyone has been waiting for  Be Our Guest in Fantasyland (my fav land duh)  opens at 7am November 19th.   I cannot wait to hear the reviews!!   When we were at the Magic Kingdom in October you could just catch little glimpses of somethings over the tops of the construction walls.   I think the best parts of this restaurant are the seating capabilities (over 500) and it will be counter service for lunch and sit down reservations only for dinner.  Perfect!!   A choice is always welcome when it comes to dining in the World. 

So, I will be waiting impatiently for the "real" reviews and pics.  And if anyone gets there before I do please be my guest (hahaha get it?) and shoot some reviews my way!!!