Monday, August 13, 2012

First blog

Hmmmmm, where to start?    I am a southern Mom of 3 and I have a Disney problem.   Lol    I love Disney World!   I have been 21 times and never get tired of it.   Now, I'm not really into the whole Mickey and Minnie cutesy thing but, I am into the magical, whimsy side as well as all the thrills it has to offer.  My boys are teenagers now and we have experienced Disney with toddlers, strollers, diaper bags, etc.  Disney seems to evolve with you.   We are discovering the thrills that Disney has to offer with the older kids.   Our favorite time of year to go is October.   It is still warm enough to swim and shorts are a must. This year we are staying at Port Orleans Riverside.  It is a moderate resort with a good size food court. (a must for my clan) Lots of foliage and the river gives such great atmosphere.   I chose this resort because you have the option of bus transportation to parks or you can ride a boat.  There is also a small marina where you can rent mini speed boats as well as fish.  We have stayed at many of the resorts and from experience you can find the perfect one to fit your family.   The new Art of Animation has opened and it has family suites with kitchenettes.  Perfect for families with small ones.   (My boys thought it looked to "babyish" for them) 

Ok, now I'm starting to sound like a dry brochure.  Not my style!!   Just thought I would open with info. 

In reality, I am one to give my honest and sometimes painful opinion!!   So forewarned!

I think the Art of Animation is cute but extremely pricey for the suites.  I would rather pay the same for an upgraded resort.   If you have never done the Halloween Boo to You celebration and you love semi spooky you need to do it!  It's our fav.    As far as eating at restaurants go we love Hoop De Doo Musical Review at Fort Wilderness, Chef Mickey's breakfast at Contemporary Resort, Sci-Fi DIner at Hollywood Studios and of course The Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios (the servers are salty and in your face so beware you will probably be riprimanded for something)  

For now just a few tips:   Relax.   You can take a lifetime to truly take in all Disney has to offer.  You WILL NOT get it done in a week.   Get to the parks early.  Magic Kingdom is gridlocked by lunch.  Disney is pricey.  I am the cheapest person ever.  You can cut corners but it will still be somewhat pricey!!!   Get over it!   Nothing worse than overhearing some parent bitch about the price of something while I am trying to have a reality-free magical time!!!