Monday, August 13, 2012

Only 51 days til our Fall Pilgramage to Disney World!!   My darling hubs wanted to get me an annual pass for our anniversay.  (Minus him one, of course lol)  But,  as much as I like to go, it is a 7-8 hr trip and I can't decide if I would just be trying to fit in as many trips possible and end up not enjoying myself (the horror!!)  Hmmmmm,  I'll have to think on this one for a bit.   Ironically, my Mother-In-Law is scheduled to come visit that week....Coincidence?  I think not!!  An extra day or two for us in Magicville (DW) will not hurt my feelings!! I was lucky (and tricky)  to get the Free Dining Plan by booking the last day it was offered which was the day before our arrival.  It will be worth it to take the boys out of school or even go half day to save on dining!!  See what I will do to get to the Mouse and save a buck??!  It's incorrigible!!   The hubs stays at The Swan for work in the fall  which he says is very nice.   We are actually going to one of the water parks on property.  Can't believe we have never been to one!!  Not sure which one is more fun. I'll have to research and get some reviews.  Back to the Dining Plan,  we have done both and it comes out to roughly the same price as paying for meals but it is sooooooo nice not to "see" the bill and worry about how much lunch was.  And free is even better!!   Heard that Disney wasn't doing free dining this year but was pleasantly surprised it came up this fall.