Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Break??

I'm back!!  And let me tell you friends out of my many trips to Disney World this was the BUSIEST I have seen.

Fall Break used to mean relaxing sunshine, meandering through parks, no wait times........   Well, welcome to 2013.  This Fall Break mean record crowds (for this time of year)  Pop Century Resort was over-booked and the over flow were upgraded to other resorts and all other property resorts were booked as well.   The main computer went down when we tried to check in and we spent 45 minutes at the check in counter.  Then we were given 1 room key for our family of 4 for the entire day. And let me tell you our family of 4 didn't really want to hang all together after being cooped in the car for 8 hours.  

So someone had to be available that day to get everyone in the room.  Yup, that would be me.  Mom.   

I had friends who were there at the same time and we kept texting back and forth "Is it busy at the park your at"???  Yes it is.  

Numerous cast members that I spoke with chalked up the crowds to the new Magic Bands being out.  I think the free dining plan offered didn't help either.

We did not load our Magic Bands with Fast Passes until we got there and some of our favs were already full for certain days in advance. 

But, we still managed to have a good time.  The weather was fabulous.  Thank you Florida sunshine!!   And when we did get our fast passes loaded they worked like a charm.  The water parks were our saving grace last week.  Although they were fairly crowded the wait times there were usually only 5-10 minutes.  Sure beat having our feet run over by the millions of strollers that were in the theme parks :)  And I mean a million........