Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Refrigerator Saga Continues

Received our new Magic Wrist bands last week!!   Some of my fam (myself included) are such  Disney dorks we have been wearing them already.  You get to have your name engraved on the bands as well.  We always have vacation nicknames.  The names that are engraved are on the inside of the band.  Disappointed a little that they weren't on outside of band.  Oh well.  

 Now, this week we got a letter from Disney World asking us to order wrist bands and be test subjects for them.   Um, already have done that.   I'm not sure Disney is on the ball with their wrist band promotion.  

Regardless, we are super stoked and can't wait the 4 weeks til Vacay time!!

One of the key features is loading your Magic Band with your Fast Pass.  You can program them before you even leave home.  I'm not sure that works for us.  We have no idea what park we will be in on which day.   I guess when we arrive we might use that feature.   The plus side is being able to load 3 Fast Passes a day.  Very cool!!

On another note, I got a letter from Disney World explaining about their room frig problems and that we wouldn't have refrigerators in our rooms during our stay.   Are you kidding????  We were there last week of July with same problem.  Now we are going in October and the frig issue is still going on????
WTH Disney????   We are already staying in Disney World's version of the  ghetto value resort (Pop Century) with twin beds (double they say but I have a hard time believing it)  no coffee pot and now no frig.   

Looks like The Hermann Family will be roughing it with 2 coolers in a 200 sq ft room.  Oh well,  I'm going for the magic not the "resort" room......