Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm With The Band

So In my little Disney mind I'm planning out our Food and Wine Festivities!!!
Our boys are now gigantic teens and can wander from Mom & Dad if we embarrass  them too much with our random break out dancing along World Showcase.

Every year we usually just blow through the Food & Wine Festival just to say we went.  The boys were bored (duh) and we didn't want to look like we were the bad parents knocking back beverages at every kiosk.....

But, this year looks like The Hubs and I will get to have a "date night" after oh about 317 years........   The boys want to go to Disney Quest with their new annual pass so it's a win win no guilt plan.

So, I was giddily looking at the line-up for Eat to the Beat series.   I was going to see a band for the first time since 1987!!!  

The Go-Go's!!!  Smash Mouth!!!   Spin Doctors!!!  Manhattan Transfer!!! Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!!!!

Oh, yeah.  But let me tell you who is going to be there the week we are there.

Night Ranger, Survivor, .38 Special and I think Christopher Cross.   WTH.

My first party night in years and I get the bands who play in or around our hometown every freakin year.    I think their on the carnival circuit as well.
.38 Special I think even plays at gas station openings around us.......

Ok, I think I'm kidding about the gas stations but C'MON DISNEY!!!!!   I buy your merchandise, we worship the Mouse,  We are eating hot dogs so we could splurge for the holy grail annual pass.  The least you can do is throw some good entertainment the week that I AM THERE..........