Monday, September 2, 2013

Disney for Newbies

I just was informed that my brother and his family have committed to a Disney vacation in 2014!! Being the Disney fanatic that i am I was asked to help with questions they might have. Ahhhhh. Newbies.Where to begin??

Well, I suggest planning ahead for for first trip (and probably your first 5-10 trips!)   Disney World vacations are best savored and explored trip after trip. After my family going so many times we still find plenty that we haven't experienced or enjoyed before.  If you hit the parks too hard too fast and too driven you will fast become a hater.

Start with your time of year you want to go.  Then research and pick your resort.   Do you want to stay inside or outside property??   We stay inside property because it is so convenient and you feel the Disney magic as soon as you arrive.  It's like your in your own non-reality Disney bubble for a week!

My boys who are teenagers now have had a hard and fast rule for years of no driving our car once we arrive on property.  Seriously.  And they mean it.  Disney transportation only.  (of course, my husband and I have snuck out on occasion to hit the local grocery for drinks and snacks)

This Disney newbie website has great information on crowd levels at certain times of year and resort info and is a great start to first time visitors.