Thursday, August 29, 2013

Magic Bands

My boys and I are excited about the new Disney Magic Bands which came out just a few days after our last trip in July.   The beauty about the magic bands are that they are waterproof wristbands that virtually are your room key, park tickets, charging, and fast passes all on your arm. And you can even link your Disney photo pass to them!

You sync your wrist bands with Disney's new smart phone app My Disney Experience.   And from what I understand with the app you can schedule your fast pass times and even schedule up to 4 a day!   Can't wait!!

The bands can be customized.  From the the Disney Experience app we chose our band colors and names that will be imprinted on them.  We all have vacation nicknames so we used those.   They will be shipped to our home within 10 days. 

I can't think of how many times I have fumbled for my room/ticket key card out of my bag at a park entrance or even left it in the resort room!   

If this works as well as hoped I think it will be one of the best "new" and handy gadgets for park goers of all time.