Thursday, August 22, 2013

Please Stand Clear of My Vacation

Holy Tinkerbell!   I just got an email reminding me about my upcoming trip to DW in 8 weeks.  8 weeks??  8 weeks!!   Wow, this annual pass makes it so much more fun!!!  I mean, you have to go right??  That little card makes it a law that you need to go to DW as many times as you can to make it worth it.

So, I've planned out my strategy.   Just went in July.  Going for fall break in October  (hello free dining plan!! whoop whoop!!)  Then we have never seen the spectacular holiday lights that everyone raves about.  So probably a shortie trip over the boys Christmas/Holiday break.   Then, as some of you might not know I am a HUGE  Atlanta Braves fan.  This means a trip over spring break for Braves spring training at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  Gotta see my man McCann and Freddie Freeman aka Fre Fre and that cute little Gattis boy......

After all that then it's up in the air.   But, I can't wait.  Now just need to let my knight in shining &^%$#  (Scottie) that we need to incorporate all of these trips into the budget.  Me:  "But Baby, our tickets are covered"  Him: eyeroll.   (sigh)  reality vs. whimsy.   My daily struggle  :)