Saturday, August 17, 2013

Don't Be Scared of Disney In Summer

July can be a brutal month weather wise for Disney World fanatics.  This is why my family and I tend to stay away from Disney during the summer months. And for a heat lover like me it can still take a toll!!

Well,  this year my husband surprised us with annual passes!!!  In July!!  (probably got tired of me wondering if we should ever get them year after year!)   Of course, he got us 3 passes (him excluded of course! Prince Charming can only handle so much "magic" with us!)   So, without further ado the boys and I took off.  As in the very next day.  No reservations. Nothing.  And let me tell you it was one of the best trips ever!!!

Let me start by saying yes, it was hot.  Sweaty hot.  Put on your sunscreen before leaving room at 7:30am hot.  But, if you knew what you were doing it was fantastic.

This is our tip:
Get to your designated park upon opening.  Grab a fast pass for popular rides.  Hop on your fav rides.  By noon we had ridden all we wanted in that particular park.  

Then it was back to the resort.  Pop Century again for us.  My teenage boys caught up on computer and PlayStation time or napped while I played mermaid in the almost empty pool.  Every single day this was our routine.  The games and music around the pool were so fun to watch and participate.   Then once the sun went down it was off to the parks again.   The humidity dissipates and you are left with a wonderful evening to play.

One thing I did notice were that the strollers and scooters were very few and far between. I'm assuming due to the warm weather.  As in, not a lot of dodging strollers or feet being run over by scooters...... Not that I mind them.  (Hey, I've done my stroller time with 3 boys and I love that more elderly and disabled are more mobile than ever :)

Which was so cool for me because my least favorite thing is having my magic busted by listening to hot, cranky yelling parents and poor tired hot kiddies crying.  

So, it's also a good time of year with your older kids!

And the nights were so much fun!   Instead of being exhausted from park hopping at other times of the year we actually saw the fireworks and nightly shows and parades.  

Don't forget the water parks.  Which were the busiest "parks" this last week of July.  But the lines and crowds were handled perfectly.  Plenty of seating in shady areas.  Plus, I got a great view of the Teen Beach Party!!  And my boys were quite surprised that dear old Mom was up to riding any of the water rides!   Hey, I was willing to do anything to stay cool!!

So, don't let those hot summer months scare you off.  With realistic expectations it can be a blast!