Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 Magical Days in Disney

For those who thought I must have had a horrible time at Disney and couldn't even bring myself to discuss it (hence my hiatus from blogging) Never fear.

 Or, maybe there are those of you who thought the Mr. finally did it. Snapped from all of the magic and pixie dust I was constantly throwing at him. You know, offed me.  Pushed me out of the side of Dumbo in flight. Or maybe stood silently as I choked to death on yet another Dole Whip. Perhaps left me at Epcot World Showcase thinking I was in Europe......   All those are possible of course.  Waiting in lines can make you think about all kinds of things....

Nope.  Believe it or not none of those things happen.   We had a freaking fantastic zippity doo dah time.   Seriously.  So good in fact that I have been wallowing in a post pixie dust frame of mind.

It finally dawned on me that we have been back a month and I should probably do some blogging, cleaning, work?

It only took 20 some odd visits(and 54 meltdowns) for me to finally get our Disney World vacation down to a science and please everyone.   I am the best freaking mom/wife on the planet.  Yes, I said it.  Well, as far as vacations go anyway.  Cooking and shopping are different stories for a different day.

10 days.  5 days with my fantastic teenage boys at Pop Century.  My 16 yr old made an app for our phones specifically for our vacation.  Very cool..  It had Fast Passes set up for certain days. Hours of every park for every day including extra hours.   Water parks for the hot ones. (ironically it was 95-98 the first week so that was a good thing)  All the ins and outs of transportation depending where we were at.  All the rides/attractions that we say we are going to do but forget about.  It was all on there.  We had a great time together.  And, if anyone knows about teenage boys that's saying something.

Again,  I can't toot Pop Century's horn enough.  I know there are haters out there but for the value and kitsch you can't beat it. Your not going to be in the room for that long.  And I'm certainly not going to hang out in our room with boys (think stinky feet and several different scents of  body spray all going at the same time)  Can someone say Pepe Le Pew'?

Don't forget to decorate your window at Pop!!
Interestingly enough, this(an adult Big Wheel) was                                                                                  what lured my 15 yr out of the room.....
I think I have about 473 pics of my feet at Pops pool from over the years.

During the first 5 days we were lucky enough to experience not one but two major events going on at Disney World.   First, we were there over a Star Wars Weekend.  For Star Wars lovers like ourselves it was great!!  (note our Star Wars themed window.  There were so many great windows!)  I can honestly say we had a good time. The costumes! The characters! Parades! Light Sabers as far as the eye could see!!!   Everyone who likes Star Wars should experience Star Wars Weekends once. 

    Would I do it again?  Hmmm,probably not just because it was CROWDED!! And it happened to be 97 degrees that day. Let me tell you people who are in full Storm Trooper and Wookie outfits aren't too fresh.... When we left Hollywood Studio's one evening there were so many people lined up at the entrance gate with sleeping bags, tables, camp chairs, cots etc. to wait for the NEXT DAY.     

The next event was the Magic Kingdom's 24 hour party!  Totally awesome!!  Started at 6am on a Friday and ended of course 6am on Sat.  We hit the bus stop at 5:15 am along with about 300 other people!  It was crazy!!   We opened the park and stayed a good part of the day then we cheated a little.  We went back to the room slept and got back to the park at 2 am to take some great pics of things most people don't see at that time!  

Of course we were zombies for the next couple of days but it was worth it!!

Line for bus headed to MK 5:15am
Proof that my boys will dance with their mom at 4 am (who gets to say that)!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our wonderful Disney trip!!