Friday, November 8, 2013

Year Round Entertainment

Even though I have been back from Disney World a couple of weeks I'm ready to go back.

Usually, when I come home I'm good for about 6 months before the urge to head south gets me.  Not now.  Maybe it's the 35 degree weather I woke up to this morning.  But, I could easily hop in my car head 75 south for about 7-8 hours and be in sunshine magic land.

It's hard when you have all the Disney apps, Orlando Sentinel app, and all the fun updates that are going on in and around Disney World.

It's surprising to me all the great events that go on year round there.

There are local festivals in the communities and surrounding areas throughout the Orlando area.

It makes me want to explore outside the parks just a little.  Gasp.  I know.  

Plus, even Disney World has things going on all year.  The Christmas parades, parties and events are already getting in the swing.  Then before you know it there are all of the marathons, 5k's etc starting in Jan and Feb. Those book up very early!!   Baseball Spring Training is a personal favorite at The ESPN Wide World of Sports. 

Downtown Disney has a variety of entertainment all year.  You can find some great musical delights at almost anytime just walking around. Plus, we actually bowled at the phenomenal bowling alley at Downtown Disney and had a blast.

So,  maybe think outside of Space Mountain once and a while.  You might catch something you would have missed!